How I came to make authentic New Zealand jewellery:

A yearning for more space, nature and the wilderness led me to leave my tiny but beautiful homeland of Holland in the 1990’s and emigrate to New Zealand.

Living on the stunning coastline of Golden Bay has brought me closer to nature and fuelled my passion for jewellery making. My unique and organically crafted collections are inspired by the juxtaposition of nature’s calmness and the often battered elements of the coast. With each piece I aim to maintain as much of nature’s orginal shapes and colours as possible.

My pearls are never dyed as I believe that both the pure opacity of the fresh water pearl, and the rich, oceanic lustre of the blue pearl are a perfect reflection of the waters they are born from.

I hope that you are able to find a piece within the collection that expresses something within you and your world.

Please feel free to contact me about any piece that catches your eye. I am also able to do commissions.


From the beach and the heart.


Warm regards,

Gaya Selder.